Afew Jewels

Modern, Unique, Elegant, Everyday Jewelry for Women with Discerning Style.

Desire to create moments

Afew Jewels started with a desire of matching moments, experience, feeling and passion, distilled into singular design concepts. Four principles guide this philosophy: original design, high quality materials, personal relationships… and happiness. We want to go beyond the delivery of a single piece to our clients, we want our jewelry to become a part of their personal story.

Perhaps it’s in the DNA, or just chance.

An artist contracted by the Vatican. A civil engineer, constructing Brazilia. Fashion designer. Industrial designer. Glass sculpture. The lineage of women in my family have helped to shape and influence my desire to create.
Afew Jewels designer Tihare Jacobs
They taught me to use my heart to feel the creation; my eyes to give it vision; my mind to give it function; and my hands to bring it to life.

Sustainable and local

While everything at Afew Jewels is made sustainably and locally (literally everything, from the pieces through to packaging), the core philosophies of Afew have always been about sharing: experience, growth and beauty. We have partnered with LeonardoDiCaprio.org, UNICEF, WWF,and BlackJaguarWhiteTiger.org — partnerships with these foundations will allow you to share directly with the charity of your choice upon checkout. Gold pieces will donate €20, and Silver pieces will donate €10.